Government scandals that reach straight to the top? – You’ve definitely got that!
Covert Ops on U.S. soil? – No problem.
Espionage? – Say no more.
Brutal homicides? – They’re in here.
A Colombian drug cartel? – Of course.
A Nuclear bomb? – That goes without saying.
High speed “cat & mouse” car chases? – Tighten your seatbelts!
Al Qaeda and home-grown terrorists? – You’ve got that, too.

Rowan Wolfe’s crime and military thrillers loaded with authenticity and well-researched detail. Writing that grabs your attention and takes you on non-stop, action-packed, page-turning adventures.

 A fourth book in the series? – It’s coming!

Characters as real as you and me.

                    Enter the world of Rowan Wolfe…


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